SinePulse Digital Design Engineer

SinePulse is an emerging company in the field of IT, Radio Frequency and Embedded System engineering. SinePulse has business and development center in different countries keeping head office in Munich, Germany. SinePulse is going to launch off-shore development center in Dhaka, Bangladesh to boost up research activities in the field of smart technologies for the future.
Job descriptions: 
The selected candidate must have present working knowledge related to developing Static Timing Analysis (STA) constraints, Clock Tree Synthesis, timing analysis, timing ECO’s and full chip timing closure. Current and/or past experience with RTL design, synthesis, equivalency checking is also preferred.  Experience with floor-planning and CTS is a plus.
Required skills: 
  • Analyze RTL designs and prepare block/chip level timing constraints.
  • Synthesize RTL designs and perform equivalency checking/debug.
  • Analyze pre-layout timing and recommend implementation improvements to the RTL designers.
  • Analyze post-layout timing, develop timing ECOs and work closely with layout engineers to achieve full chip timing closure.
  • Develop floor-planning and CTS guidelines for layout.
Additionally the candidate must fulfill following characteristics: 
  • Experience developing block and chip level SDC constraints for functional and test modes.
  • Experience performing detailed timing analysis and creating timing ECO’s to drive timing closure.
  • Experience with synthesis and equivalency checking.
Software Tools Experience:
  • Synopsis: IC Compiler, Design Compiter, PrimeTime, Apache Redhawk, Prime Time, Power Constraints, Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Cadence: Conformal Flow (LEC)
  • Mentor:  Calibre
  • Atrenta: Spyglass
Place of work: 
Munich, Germany
Based on Experience
Starting date: 
As soon as possible
No. of Positions: 

Tania Rahman
SinePulse GmbH

Kistlerhofstr. 170, 81379 Munich, Germany.

Tel: +49 (0) 89/17959921

Job Nature: 
Full Time

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