SinePulse Smartphone Applications

SinePulse smartphone applications enables wireless control of our IoT enabled Smart products, provides geolocation based functionality and various other utilities.

Smart Home app

SinePulse smart home app lets you operate the Smart Switch from your smartphone remotely. It also integrates with the Smart Router to provide Smart Camera access, lets you control the Smart Switch from anywhere in the world and enables advanced features such as super admin. Its intuitive design provides a superior user experience. Be in control of your home always and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that you deserve

Smart Meter app

The Smart Meter app provides users a range of features. It displays automated billing information in real time, shows daily, monthly utility usage data, lets you set billing limits notifications/reminders, lets you make utility payments through all smart meter integrated payment mediums and more. Managing your utility usage has never been easier


This is an application for multiple choice question (MCQ) learning and exam preparation. This can be customized for any question bank. If you are providing training program, for example driving license theory exam, TOEFL, GRE etc. this quiz can be ideal for your trainees. Click here to Contact us for your custom specification


This application is customizable to locate your presence on earth with GPS location service. Whether you are bank, chain food shop or any service provider, this application will show your location and guide your customer to you. Click here to Contact us for your custom specification