Digital or Analog Technique

SinePulse Product development

We have long experience in digital and analog technique. We are specialized in hybrid, integrated and board-level analog and digital circuit design and layout. We provide analog and digital know-how to the companies needing professional expertise in order to develop high-tech product.

SinePulse has successfully implemented numbers of custom products, which are now available as off-the-shelf products. The ultimate option is of course the delivery of a complete, turnkey system to your specification. Contact us to discuss the details of the product you want to realize. SinePulse develops complete product prototype according to customer requirements that incorporate hardware design and software development. We are specialized in RF, digital circuits and sensor network, which is necessary for wide range of industries. Among our ready products there are number of RF amplifiers and Bias-T at different frequency bands. We do optimize our design according to your need and supply high quality prototype or finished products.