Analog/Rf Circuit Design

SinePulse Rf Circuit Design

SinePulse has profound knowledge and experience on variety of system that incorporate complex analog circuits.Analog design has never been an easy task due to its high degree of complexity and numbers of factors involved.Successful analog design needs long experience and extremely disciplined development approach.

Our pre simulation and modular designs for most popular applications give you a fast and effective solution. For example, if there is a need of RF amplifier for particular frequency band, our highly skilled engineers optimize the design according to your specification. The use of right tool and experience are the key of design success. According to the complexity of design, we do network simulation, 2.5D and 3D simulation. 2.5D simulator like Momentum gives a possibility to do a co-simulation in order to have more accurate result in high frequency. We also can do co-simulation with a real 3D simulation tool.
We are specialized in application board for RF components. Whether it is a single RF amplifier or a complicated system design you can rely on us. We do provide hybrid and MMIC design solution.